Bradford Central Lions Club CIO

We support

Bradford Central Lions Club CIO supports vision around the world by collection used and damaged spectacles and redistributing  overseas

Bradford Central Lions Club CIO  – support health and welfare Fundraising for Bradford Hospitals’ Charity – Refurbishment of the Snowdrop Suite.

Bradford Central Lions Club CIO are organising a number of fundraising activities to support the refurbishment of a bereavement suite on behalf of Bradford Hospitals’ Charity. They are authorised to receive any donations/sponsorship/raffle prizes relating to this fundraising.

Bradford Hospital Charity statement:   As an NHS charity we work closely with our Trust to fund equipment, training, research and projects which enhance the experience of patients and their families. We rely on donations and proceeds from supporters like Bradford Central Lions Club CIO to help us. It is only through the kindness, generosity and hard work of our supporters raising vital funds for the charity that we able to do more and more each year, to take us closer to achieving our vision to provide the best possible facilities and environment at Bradford Teaching Hospitals

Bradford Central Lions Club CIO – supports the Lions Message in a bottle scheme


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